Rolling A Simple Blunt

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Step 1: Choose a type of dutch you would like to use. (Dutches come in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs).

Step 2: Cut it
  • Lick your cigar to make it moist.
  • Take a blade or scissors and cut it lengthwise from butt to tip.
  • With your thumb, slide the insides out. Do it slowly and gently so you don’t tear the cigar wrapper.

Step 3: Cut off or tear rounded edge of cigar
  • Creating this rectangular shape helps to decrease the chances of the wrapper rolling shut prematurely

Step 4: Lick the edges to seal up any small tears
  • Then fold the wrapper down the center like you would when rolling a regular joint.

Step 5: Roll it up
  • Carefully fold and roll the blunt upward, shaping it as you go
  • Tuck the shorter side of the wrap around the mix and continue rolling
  • Be careful not to pinch the ends shut
  • Lick the remaining paper lengthwise and press down carefully

Step 6: Bake the blunt
  • Run the flame of your lighter up and down the length of your blunt in order to “bake” it
  • Spin the marijuana cigar as you work
  • Your goal is to darken the color slightly and dry the wrap without setting the blunt on fire

Step 7: Spark it up
  • Hold the flame to the tip of the blunt
And that’s how to roll a simple blunt. Go enjoy it
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Thanks for sharing this man comes in handy when you forget how to roll a blunt from smoking to much
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