Subscription Plans
Title Usergroup Period
Benefits of being a gold member include:
- Gold member only badge.
- Can change username 1 time monthly.
- Can change username color.
- Can customize the forums CSS just for yourself.
- Can close and reopen your threads.
- Can give or take 10 rep points.
- Can give rep to 35 people per day.
- Unlimited private messages recipients.
- Unlimited private messages.
- Unlimited emails.
- Can undo votes in polls.

Privacy Statement
By buying a membership you agree that you are over the age of 13 years in order to comply with the COPPA ruling.

Subscription Terms
You agree that you are not allowed to give your account information to users who do not have a gold membership doing so will result in termination of your account. Please note that fraudulent payment disputes will result in an automatic ban. For issues related to your gold membership please PM one of our admins or use the contact form here.

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