Would a closet work for a few plants?

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I want to start growing my own supply, so I don't have to spend a ton of money on weed anymore. I figure this way I'd have some whenever I need it. Big Grin Anyway, I have a walk-in closet that I want to use to grow a few plants. I figure I could maybe store 2-4 plants, maybe 2. I will know more once cleared out and measured. Has anyone here grown in a closet? Does it work fine? I'm kind of new to growing, so I'm all for learning. Smile
I don’t grow myself but I want to get into it one day but I would say yes a closet is a good place to grow a few plants. The bigger the space the more money you will end up spending on the equipment and things needed.
You could totally grow in a closet. Just make sure you select the right amount of plants, and keep in mind the lights, fans etc. In my old place I grew a few plants in my closet. I had a small one though that only fit 1 plant at a time, but I produced a good amount. Now that I have my own house, I have a full room dedicated to it.
Yes possible

Lets see pics

1-How to Grow Cannabis in Your Closet

[Image: 1-How-to-Grow-Cannabis-in-Your-Closet.jpg]



3-Growing Weed Indoors the Easy Way

[Image: 3-Growing-Weed-Indoors-the-Easy-Way.jpg]
Of course, you can. I haven't planted weed yet but have loads of other plants in a very small space inside my home. One technique I learned is to try various planting techniques, they help grow your plants and allow more space. Try various ways and discuss with someone who has more experience with growing plants in your local area as environment and weather effects plants. Hope it helps ?? Happy planting weed ? ?
Lookout for Thrips. You will never get rid of them entirely in the early stages of growth. They live in the buds and reproduce in the soil. Ladybugs don't eat them. Need predator mites and soil dwellers. Smaller rove beetles maybe.
Focus on thrips especially if you are doing biological control as lady bugs don't really eat these.

A good website is as far as books, I like Jorge Cervantes and Ed Rosenthal kind of old-school pioneers of the industry.

That being said if you want to stick to one source, I recommend looking at the cannabis future project podcasts (all of them if you're crazy enough)
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