Cooking under the influence

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I haven't quite figured out why, but both my SO and I have noticed that since I started medical marijuana (for chronic pain) some time back and also stopped binge drinking, I'm cooking a lot better than before. I was never some great chef, but I could follow recipes and wing it somewhat. But now everything seems to come out better, taste better, and yet it's not like I'm doing anything noticeably different like tasting things more often while prepping. It takes me longer to cook now since I'm a little spacey and forgetful while medicated, but the end result is definitely stepped-up. Just one of those odd pluses that I've noticed since learning to live on medical weed.
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Im glad you found a good substitute instead of drinking. And ya I do notice sometimes after smoking I do certain tasks better and it does make the food im eating taste way better then it actually is lmao.
Consider making treats flavoured with cannabis at home. Well, preparing your favourite recipe and cooking with cannabis are really similar. However, cooking with cannabis can be a little stressful and time-consuming because it requires considerably more meticulous preparation and monitoring than the majority of other components.

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