Some Marijuana Risks to Consider

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In addition to any potential advantages, marijuana can be extremely dangerous if you have coughing or sneezing symptoms. The main reason for smoking tobacco is because of this. Therefore, smoking with any device can cause lungs to irritate and, in rare situations, become damaged. This worsens breathing problems.

To sum up, marijuana consumption can lead to:

shortness of breath
frequent coughing
lung infections

These conclusions are based on personal experience (not to all) and how debates are influenced by attitudes, which then lead to ultimate conduct.
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I do like seeing both sides of things so yes in a way weed can be bad for you. Doing to much of anything in long periods of times is bad for you to begin with. Thanks for sharing.
Just to add, I recently read a terrifying article that claimed consuming marijuana can drop testosterone levels. So take care for life-threatening problems.
Additionally, I've heard that it can be quite harmful to those who already have heart and asthama problems. A negative heartbeat brought on by coughing can result in a heart attack.

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