Getting The Most Kief Out of Your Grinder As Possible

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Have you always wondered how to get the most kief out of your grinder as possible? Well im gonna share with you some methods that I have picked up over the years. Some of these will work better then others so let’s get started!

Method 1: Quarter In Grinder
By placing a quarter or some form of coin in the part of your grinder where all the weed falls through so not in the kief catcher you can double your kief amount 

TheHitman47 Wrote:The mesh screen is full of trich's, and when that coin pushs up against the screen it causes them to fall back into the kief catcher. Also, it rattles through the weed thats in the compartment, brushing trich's off the weed and into your kief catcher. It causes a lot more kief to be collected for later.

Method 2: Shaking Your Grinder
I really don’t recommend this method but it works. What’s you do is grind up x amount of bud and well grinding start shaking it in all directions and maybe give it a few light taps on something if you want. Do this for a couple seconds or how ever long you would like but after your done just take a look at the results if done right you can get a decent amount of kief.

Method 3: Putting Your Grinder In The Freezer
After a few uses of your grinder you can throw it in the freezer for like five minutes or so and after take it out and give it a few good knocks on something. This method works better with a coin and some bud inside the grinder but it’s optional. By adding the coin and some bud and shaking the grinder, the coin will knock off even more trichomes than just grinding it yourself.

What do you guys think of these methods and which ones worked best for you? If I think of another method I will update this thread. If you know another method of collecting a lot of kief feel free to share it with us below.
I can personal vouch for putting your grinder in the freezer it makes getting all the kief out SOOOOO much easier!

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