Cooking weed Coconut oil vs weed butter

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Is cooking weed Coconut oil the same process as cooking weed butter?

Coconut oil is made up of mainly medium-chain triglycerides, whereas butter is made up of mainly long-chain triglycerides. A simple way to think about it is that since the chains in coconut oil are smaller, the coconut oil will hold more triglyceride chains per tbsp. than butter will. And since the chains are what bond to the cannabinoids, coconut oil can hold more cannabinoids than the same amount of butter.

I probably just explained that in the most confusing way possible, but basically coconut oil has the potential to be much stronger than butter. How much stronger depends on the purity of your oil. Standard, white, solid, cooking coconut oil off the shelf will be similar to butter. At some stores, you can find fractionated coconut oil that is liquid at room temp, which will make much stronger oil. Any more filtered than that you’re into MCT oil, which is great for very small, but very potent doses.

So unless you’re reaching the cannabinoid saturation point in your butter, there should be no difference in preparation. But if you make your edibles really super potent, you might want to sample the first batch with caution when using coconut oil.

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