Anyone Make Their Own Wraps?

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Anyone making there own blunt wraps with weed leaves? Any cigar experts here by chance? Im just learning myself on how to make my own wraps.

I've done a few with mixed success, i rolling pin the viens in leaf then brush with a little honey then hang and air cure for about 2 months. They are mostly too harsh I think I need to age them a little longer? I am not sure

I have a buddy who does tobacco leaves with kilm, the tobacco wraps he does are awesome but only tried curing a few big weed sucker leaves in kilm with mixed resuts. thinking i can build my own kilm ; . Kilm cured weed leaf a lot nicer to smoke, not as harsh as air cured but still not perfect weed cigar.

Store Bought Hemp Wraps
I've used juicy jays and high tea leafs, I like the juicy jays best but to much money lol. High tea leafs are good and little less money but taste is not as good as juicy, just me and my taste buds. Both are fine for taste over all. Bboth wraps roll and stick fine if you know what you doing, juicy is bigger wrap and like 4-5 joints worth of weed and high tea is smaller and maybe like 2-3 joints in weed.

As always stay high and grow fire.
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Someone asked me if they can get a 30% 30/70 Indica dominant hybrid and smoke a blunt to their face and not trip out or have any heart issues. Tried many indicas and indica dominant hybrids with no issue at all.

If they smoke a 30/70 Sativa dominant or Sativa in general they literally won’t be having anxiety or anything. They just notice their heart rate is up. They check it and it’s 90-110 bpm for like an hour. It’s really annoying and I’m just curious about why it happens.

Any suggestions or info is greatly appreciated
I have seen on FB they are Magar (like cigars but only weed, no tobacco). They come in three sizes: mini, Fro do and Promo. They are made by one girl named Kesia from a company called Acme420 sold primarily out of Lincoln Herbal at 424 Lincoln St, Denver.
Hmm never thought about it. Might be something I’ll do one lazy day just for fun.

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