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Ex-weed users - Amazingchai - 07-29-2022

For all the ex-weed users, what made you quit and why? What was the motivation behind it and what lead to this journey? How were you feeling before and is it better now or worse?

RE: Ex-weed users - Ace- - 08-01-2022

I don’t think your gonna find a lot of people who quit smoking on this forum lol. However, a lot of people stop temporarily or completely depending on their situation. Some stop smoking because they probably have a drug test coming up for a job/other reasons or others just need to stop smoking all together for who knows why. Everyone has their reasons for things.

RE: Ex-weed users - Davey - 08-01-2022

I had to stop temporarily every few weeks for a few months because my work loved to do random piss tests. Pretty annoying glad to not be working their anymore.