Cannabis Helps a Former NFL player Brandon with Sports Injuries and Chronic Pain

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Brandon Haw, a former NFL player, used cannabis to ease the physical, mental, and emotional suffering he experienced as a result of the numerous injuries he sustained throughout his career.

Brandon claims that he will be happy that anything good has emerged from his experiences if he can just help one patient or one potential football player.
Does Anybody has the same feelings or experience?
In activities like long-distance running, cycling, and swimming, repeated motion over an extended period of time leads to chronic ailments. Occasionally known as overuse injuries.
However, they failed to account for the physical risks he would encounter while playing, as well as the long-term effects the game would have on his relationships, mental state, and physical and mental health.
Brandon has received guidance from Sharmilla Patil, MD, a pioneer in the fields of clinical cannabinoid research and herbal formulation.
Dr. Patil explains how medical marijuana can alleviate symptoms.
Professional athletes in a variety of sports, including football, cycling, and long-distance running, are increasingly turning to cannabis to reduce pain from post-game injuries and to quicken recovery. There are many anecdotal accounts of cannabis' alleged advantages, but there is little definite evidence.

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