Cheap Edibles Also Known As Firecrackers

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Use natural or Nutella peanut butter grind up weed nice and fine spread peanut butter on about 6 crackers use 3 times what you would smoke. Then sprinkle bud onto peanut butter and squish them like a sandwich gently wrap in aluminum foil bake at 320 for 22 minutes enjoy with a glass of milk for added effect. PS dabbing vegetable oil on top of the bud can extract more of the THC just add a little on top of the weed which should be on top of the peanut butter cracker. Takes about 2 hours for my high to kick on these but they can be quite strong especially if you consume alot. Note these do not taste awesome but do work in a pinch. Please research marijuana firecrackers for a more in depth exploration on how too coon these easy edibles. I recommend about 2 grams of good weed and about 4 - 6 grams of shit weed depending on what you presently have.
I've actually tried this with ABV (vaped weed) so I didn't even have to cook it, worked pretty good

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