Kimbo Kush, The WiFi Glue, & & The Chronald

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I went down to Wildwood back in June & I got the Kimbo Kush, The WiFi Glue, & & The Chronald. & mannnn, when I tell you how big the nugs in the Chronald you wouldn't believe me, it had to go at least 1.6 on a scale. But yeah, they have been doing their thing lately. I'm loving it, but I also don't like how they upped their prices from 40$ to 47$/48$. I understand how it works, how they gotta up their prices due to the quality getting better. But yeah, I love anything remotely purple, & DANKKK smelling. I love the cake/vanilla aroma, & anything skunky. So the only one I have yet to try from what you listed is the str8 lemonade & the gush mints. But I put 1 in my cart due to how freaking purp it looooks in the few reviews I've seen so far.

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