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If I get a medical marijuana card is it possible for me to sell marijuana to dispensaries or is it illega. I live in California by the way.
Go on the website in order to make sure your state allows the use of medical marijuana. I live in California, where it is legal. If you go into any head shop, Tobacco shop, or just anywhere that is 4-20 friendly, they generally have pamphlets and cards on who to call in order to apply for medical M
Is it for smoking medical marijuana or being a caregiver instead? Because if it's for your medical needs, you should be able to grow it no problem, but I don't think you can legally sell it. If you're a caregiver, I believe you can sell it, but you aren't able to sell to just anyone. I believe you have to have patients or something.

I may be wrong on that, but that's how it was for an acquaintance of mine.
Having a med card doesn’t mean you can sell weed to other people or to a dispensary and but weed is legal where you live so you should be able to grow a plant or two if you want but selling is still illegal if you don’t work at a dispensary.

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