Want to know the best use of CBD Oil for Sleeping Problems

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I've been having sleeping troubles for the past few days and I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of using CBD (Cannabidiol) oil to help sleep?
I can't use THC at the instant as I suffer from some stress and anxiety issues but I saw that Cannabidiol isn't probable to cause anxiety as it is better standup?
Also, what is the best form to use it properly?
Research and anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD can also help you get a good night's sleep.

Hey maryjones,

Here's a thorough article that does a good job of explaining what connections we know between CBD and sleep:

I hope you find it useful. I personally just ordered my first CBD oil to help with anxiety and am hoping it will also help with sleep.

Good luck!
So... I normally take oil that's more of a tincture and take it sublingually. But I bought some oil that's more like a tar - heating it for it to be easier to work with. I'm new to this oil, and not sure how much I should take, or (other than putting it inside a joint) how to consume it.

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