Is marijuana bad for our health?

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There are no death statements from a marijuana overdose, but that doesn’t mean pot is risk-free.

I just want to know is marijuana bad for our health?
Have any experience?

And what are the risks of addiction and misuse, just like cannabis use disorder?
I was actually considering making a post about this, not exactly like this but somewhat similar. I'll start of by saying I totally do not think Marijuana is bad for you health or as bad as pretty much anything else. Like pretty much any prescribed drug from the doctor is worse for you than a little bit of weed and then when it comes to drink it's safer than that. I know there are a lot of sober people out there who don't do anything at all but you need to be realistic and in reality now and then people like to unwind and weed is one of the safest compared to other things people use. But like with everything it's all about moderation I guess.

Now the reason I was gonna make a post related to this is because I recently got out of hospital and they mentioned Marijuana. Now it's all a tad confusing the Doctors still don't really know what happened but I was in extreme pain, vomiting, going from boiling hot to freezing cold, headaches and lots of stuff like that. Basically they kept me alive a lot of time on drips and fluids until my stomach started to heal it's self. Every doctor told me something different and none of them seemed to have anything but guesses really. One thing that was mentioned although not by every doctor some doctors said the complete opposite but weed was mentioned as a possible cause, they said because I smoke every day (I didn't smoke for three days before the pain kicked in) it could've been weed, I wanted to know if it was "withdrawals" because I didn't smoke for a couple of days but honestly getting information out of them was like getting blood out of a stone they didn't seem to know even if they wanted to tell me. They did say however if it was weed it only made my stomach more sensitive and worse, that wasn't the route cause. The actual problem was most likely a stomach infection of sorts.

However apparently this happens quite a lot again.... I don't know if it's "withdrawals" or just from smoking a lot of weed or how exactly it's caused but you can get things like vomiting, diarrhoea, fever, stomach pain, headaches and the like from smoking "abusing" weed. Not everyone gets it however. Also something that helps a lot if you get this is hot showers, which is weird in it's self because it's such a simple thing to do.

If anyone knows what I'm on about please do expand! As you might tell from above it was really hard getting any information about this which I do find really quite worrying because at least in the country I'm in we're still in a situation where doctors know nothing about this drug at all. They don't know it's benefits and even when they advise not to take it they don't know why they're advising that, it all seems to be misconceptions.

So in a very confused conclusion weed has it's side effects and downfalls but if you take it in moderation everything should be fine and if you compare it to other stuff it's far safer! I just think it's about time the world started educating themselves about the drug and real information should be made available.
Researchers are still inconclusive on the negative side-effects of weed. In many people, negative symptoms do not appear but some display negative symptoms either due to genetics, environment or some other reason In research found they found that "Marijuana can make the heart beat faster and can make blood pressure higher immediately after use.1,2 It could also lead to an increased risk of stroke, heart disease, and other vascular diseases. Most of the scientific studies linking marijuana to heart attacks and strokes are based on reports from people who smoked marijuana Marijuana smoke also delivers many of the same substances researchers have found in tobacco smoke—these substances are harmful to the lungs and cardiovascular system" CDC website has an entire page dedicated to the effects caused by weed. Go check it out might be of some help. ✌️✌️

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