Does pregnant women could smoke marijuana?

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We know that a large number of states legalize marijuana, the number of pregnant women who smoke marijuana is growing somewhat — and no doubt this could be really bad for infants.

In 2005, 2.30% of pregnant women used marijuana. In 2015, that number was up to 5.90%, an increase of approximately two-thirds. To make situations worse, the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in marijuana has four times more. Hence, THC is the energetic ingredient in marijuana, the chemical that gives a high tone.

We don’t know all the side effects of THC on babies, but we know sufficient that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has released a statement warning pregnant women.
THC can pass easily into the bloodstream and through the placenta of a developing baby. 

Research studies recommend that when it does, it can affect the head. Because infants are under developing, anything that affects the development can lead to permanent body strain.
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The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can affect somewhat called executive function. These are special skills such as impulse control, concentration, attention, and problem solving; they are essential skills for learning and life success. The latest researches also suggest that children who have the prenatal experience to marijuana may have a major risk of material use mental illness or disorder.

While feeding a child, THC can also affect breast milk. That means, it’s still not okay to smoke marijuana after delivery, because the infant’s brains are actively raising — in other words, actually, they are actively developing for the first two or so years of life. While, the use of secondhand marijuana smoke on offspring appears to last even longer, with probably long-lasting effects on executive function enduring even during the teenage years.
As among alcohol drinks, it’s impossible to speak for sure what a safe amount is throughout pregnancy. The safest craze is, not to use it at all, and don’t take any form of it while breastfeeding or to smoke it around kids. 

Some women use it to prevent the nausea of pregnancy, but there are so many other ways of control nausea.

When you are parenting or pregnant, it’s no longer just about you. The correct decision and best choices you make could have a long life effect on your child — so make good conclusions.
I agree with Elizabeth here. Many researchers and doc suggest that marijuana has negative side effects on pregnant women not only for the baby but the mother as she is providing an abode for the (unborn) child. Even if it doesn't affect immediately it may cause problems in further life. Probably the best idea is to avoid it altogether till your kids are adults.

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