Anyone Here Smoke Weed Before Work?

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I do. Smoking weed before work helps make the time feel like it’s going by quicker for me and it even helps me stay motivated and continuing working but what about you guys? Do you work better or worse?
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All the time. I tend to smoke before, on breaks, and after work as well. It really helps on those days when you get zero sleep.
is there ever a time that doesnt happen lol especially due to my job its always constant desk work and just need something to take the edge off so that i can focus otherwise my clients won't be able to get the right work delivered otherwise.
I smoke blunts both before and after. Also with my co worker at work because we both work overnights with no managers around and it’s super slow so we have plenty of time to just chill.
I work with kids and it gets annoying like hell if I don't take anything. It helps me stay focused and keen cause I have to be on my toes all day long. I might not be even able to function like a normal human being if I don't lol

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