I like old style wood pipes

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Who here has used old style smoking pipes to smoke their weed? I have a couple old style wooden pipes that my brother got off etsy I believe and they work great. I don't normally smoke out of them these days, but did a few times, and each time the weed seemed to last a bit longer. Maybe I should smoke out of them more often. Big Grin 

But what about you guys? Have you used an old smoking pipe or maybe even a wooden pipe? 

One thing I like is the smell of the wood when smoking. Always a bonus.
I've never smoked out of old style pipes like that. I am kind of tempted now to buy one myself. I bet my grandpa has some pipes stashed away. He was big into smoking pipes back in the day before he passed. I'll have to ask my grandma, she kept everything of his. Sure she could part with his pipes.
I never smoked out of a old pipe before but I believe I have one or at least used to have one somewhere in my house. I find the old pipe designs rather interesting and cool to look at.

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