Experience with g13

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So for my outdoor this year I did 3 strains. G13, dosido, and fire og. I germinated and planted all the seeds at the same time. My dosido plants are upwards of 5-5'8 in height my fire ogs are around the 4'11 range but my g13s are barley over a foot tall. I knew the g13 would be harder to grow, I have read it needs more nutrients and it has regular feedings watering. I will also note that they look healthy over all no signs of burn or to much light they look good and produce branches and fan leaves. I just for these of me can't get them to get taller at a faster rate. I do know that the g13 plant with stands outside Temps down to 60 ish degrees and tend to grow into late October and in some areas even go to November. Any experience with g13 or words of wisdom I'd appreciate it.

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