Things A 1st Time Grower Should Know

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1. Don't use soil, especially miracle grow type stuff.

2. Drainage is one of the most important parts of growing a plant. Perlite is commonly mixed with your medium, aswell as used in the bottom of your bucket to promote better drainage.

3. If you are like me and are too dumb to figure out hydro, or it just doesn't fit your style, use Coco Coir. (Hat-tip lymmie for getting me on this road..) I wll add to this topic more in about 6 months, when I learn more about what I don't know. 

4. Coco Coir has no calcium or magnesium inherently, You need a Cal-Mag nutrient to best use it. I have CaliMag.

5. Fox farms Grow-Big nutrients:-** Will add more to this within the next month or two...

6. TOPPING, FIMMING. Nobody told me about topping/fimming before I started down this road. Topping is much more abundant in material on classic pro-MJ sites, however fimming appears to be the better option. (Hat-tip Lymmie),  

7. Topping: Cutting the top of the stem off, forcing the stem to split at the node and turn 1 stem into 2. More stems, more flowers.

8. Fimming (F*ck I missed) technique: To the best of my understanding at this point, you cut the l leaflet-esc growth on the very top of the stem, while leaving the 2 forming branches intact. This appears to make the plant go bananas and extend the offshoot branches from that node.
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That was a fantastic read, thanks! I've just been getting into growing lately and this was a gold mine of useful info, a lot of which I've never heard before
If you need nutrients do some research on how to make fermented plant juice and fermented fruit juice and you’ll pretty much be set the only thing you would need to buy is just brown sugar if you don’t have a bag or two of it already. It’s incredibly cheap to make and works like a charm.

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