Rolling A Blunt Using 5 Alternative Tobacco-free Wraps

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An individual may like smoking blunts however this doesn’t necessarily mean that they enjoy the adverse effects of nicotine, and that’s okay. Nature is filled with millions of different plants and some of them are just as good to roll a joint without the harmful chemicals that are in tobacco. This doesn’t mean that a blunt should be rolled with any kind of plant materials but there are a few that have been tried and tested that you might want to check out for yourself. To help get started, here are five hot blunt wraps that are tobacco and chemical-free.

1. Hemp

Cost: $1.99

A hemp casing is the perfect blunt wrap alternative, and since they are so widely available in the form of cigars they are easy to work with for beginners who are not skilled enough to roll a blunt. These cigars come packed with hemp instead of tobacco so you can take a razor blade to one side and gently empty it and repack it with weed. The hemp may slightly impact the flavor but if you prefer to smoke a blunt that is bud grind along with some tobacco the filling from these cigars works just as well. Once it’s been repacked apply a small amount of moisture to the edges and press them together for a few seconds. This should be enough to hold it in place while being smoked and passed around.

2. Palm leaf

Cost: $6.99

Palm leaf blunts are gaining in popularity over the last few years and demand has led to a broad range of options to choose from. The most notable coming from King Palm which are sold in packs of 5 and comes equipped with wooden packing sticks that make filling them easy. All that is required is to grind the bud and add small amounts packing in between each ¼ fill. If looking for an easy way to roll a blunt, then it doesn’t get better than this. Their biggest features include a slow even burn and multiple sizes to suit everything from a personal-sized blunt to something that’s made for sharing.
Where to purchase:https://smokea.com/collections/king-palm

3. Jungle leaves

Cost: $12.50

A jungle blunt wrap comes with 5 options, including leaves that comes from brown and green Lomboy, banana, cacao, and/or guava leaves. Each one is made by hand using naturally grown, non-GMO, vegan-friendly, organic plants that come straight from the jungle. The leaves are twisted into a cone-like shape and held together by a strong bamboo clip mouthpiece. You can fill them with marijuana grind by slowly packing it into the tube until its firmly filled. Though there are some incredibly influential flavors to consider that are quite strong these wraps provide a firmness that is similar to tobacco.

4. Cornhusk

Cost: $9.99

A fresh organically grown corn leaf that has been cured well should provide a sweet mellow taste and a firm roll. It might sound a bit strange but corn husks are a good tobacco alternative to roll a blunt. It is generally easier to buy ready to use products as they come cut and dried but it’s really easy to make some for yourself as long as you have the patience to wait for them to dry. Here is how to prepare and use corn husk to make a blunt:
  • Take a fresh cob of corn that has big bright green leaves.
  • Peel the green ones away from the cob then lay them down on a surface for inspection. There should be no tears, holes or excess stringy pieces, so wash them under cold water and remove anything that is still attached before re-checking them.
  • Leave them out in a sunny, dry place for about 2 days, after 48 hours they should be nicely cured. There should not be any excess moisture that might impact the burn, but if the leaf is too dry, it will lose its malleability, so try not to forget about the blunt wraps that were set to dry.
  • Cut the leaf down to size and fill it with ground cannabis.
  • Now roll a blunt and fasten the edges with a small amount of moisture and spark it up.

5. Flower petals

Cost: $8

Rose blunts are one of the most talked about alternatives on the internet today and this is for many different reasons. Flowers offer a light and uplifting fragrance but many species are poisonous so it’s a good idea to stick to certain types. Rose petals aren’t all that big but they do stick together really well with a small amount of moisture. Here is how to use a rose petal to prepare a blunt:
  • Select a type of rose with a smell you are comfortable with and has large petals, be sure to check for any fertilizers or chemicals that might have been used to grow the flower. It is recommended to use one that is completely organic as well to avoid inhaling toxins.
  • Harvest the petals by gently pulling them away from the base of the flower. The goal should be as little damage as possible, as any with holes or rips will result in a leaky blunt that is difficult to draw on and might not smoke.
  • Place the rose petals on a baking sheet and broil them in an oven for 10-15 seconds.
  • Decide on how large the rose blunt wrap should be, so arranging the petals in a similar shape of your usual rolling paper might help with this.
  • Add a small amount of moisture to the edges of the petals that are touching another in the arrangement and press them together for a few seconds. If they do not stick together, then they may need to be broiled once more to remove the rest of the moisture.
  • Continue this process until all the petals are connected and set the wrap aside to dry for approximately 30 minutes. This will help it to set, and keep the petals attached as they are shaped into a blunt.
  • Once the wrap is dry, it is finally time to roll a blunt. Fill the paper with cannabis grind and shape it into a smooth tube.
  • Stick the edge of the wrap into place by wetting the edge and apply a small amount of pressure for a few seconds.
  • 9. Now it’s time to smoke a blunt in style.

Where to purchase: https://www.canadaflowers.ca/rose-selector

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