Buying Accessories on Ebay?

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Looking for new accessories like a bong or a pipe but was wondering if Ebay is a good place to go?
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It depends but I wouldn’t recommend it unless it’s from a trusted seller that has good quality glass because I bought a pipe a while back and it’s made out of cheap glass, came chipped, and was hard to smoke out of so I had to make the hole in the bowl bigger and part of the mouth piece also broke off with ease so I don’t even use it. On another note I bought a bong on eBay from a good/trusted seller and it was one of my favorite bongs but I broke the mouth piece off it the other day which sucks. It can be fixed just haven’t got to it yet.
I would say also there's a big difference between unbranded smoking accessories and ones made by an actual brand. If it's an actual brand you know they have some sort of reputation to uphold and it's not just going to be made as cheap as possible

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