What medical reasons do you smoke for?

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I don't necessarily smoke just for medical reasons, but often times I get back pain, and for me, it works wonders in taking my mind off of it. I also like to smoke for my anxiety. It's helped me get over it a lot. I know some say they get paranoid when smoking, but for me I get active and talkative, which is not me generally. 

What medical reasons do you smoke for when it does come to medical issues?
I smoke for many reasons to relieve stress or pain but I mostly use it to sleep because I find sometimes when I get in bed my mind can’t seem to shutoff so weed helps with that. I am also not the most social person in the world around other people so certain strains make me more talkative.
I use it to help with stress and for knee pain. It doesn’t make me super talkative or anything like that but works great for my what I use it.
Helps me with sleeping but most of the time im just using it to chill
(03-04-2020, 04:11 PM)The Decider Wrote: Helps me with sleeping but most of the time im just using it to chill

Same here, especially with indica strains. I tend to smoke an indica strain at night, as it usually alway knocks me out pretty good. Sativa I smoke on special occasions and mostly during the day, as it gets me going.
None at the moment thankfully. I just smoke because I like it. I know a slew of people who smoke because of back pain, stress, anxiety, stomach pain, etc. It is a miracle drug for sure. But thankfully, I don't suffer from anything at the moment. If I do, at least I have weed to make things better. Big Grin
I use it for my Asthma problem. It is effective more than other medicines.
The latest research is focusing on marijuana’s effects on asthma and whether cannabis plants can offer some relief for the condition.
I get relaxed, that is why I’m satisfied with its legal validity.

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