How to Discuss Using Medical Marijuana for Pain with Your Doctor

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During a clinical appointment, medical professionals and patients may be unsure of how to tackle the subject of using medical marijuana or cannabidiol (CBD) as a pain management technique. One-half of primary care physicians (PCPs) polled in a new study were either not ready to or did not want to answer queries from patients on this topic, despite the fact that many doctors feel cannabis can give a legitimate medicinal therapy.

So, how should consumers approach the topic of medicinal marijuana use for treating pain and symptoms like anxiety or sleeplessness that are associated to it?
Don't worry, the individuals and patients are searching for alternative treatment options when it comes to controlling chronic pain and associated symptoms due to the current worries about overprescribing opioids and efforts at all levels to reduce the number of people who may misuse, abuse, or overdose from these drugs.
Learn about some of the research supporting the use of medical marijuana for pain relief, in particular which types of pain the drug seems to work best for.
Develop a fundamental understanding of the main cannabis ingredients, such as THC and CBD, how they may influence the body, and the various forms that hemp, cannabis, and medical marijuana are available in.
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