How medical weed can help you sleep

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Medical weed has numerous health benefits. It can help you a great deal when fighting cancer, glaucoma, diabetes etc. According to the users of medical weed, it’s the best remedy which also offers amazing benefits. One of those benefits are improved sleep.
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I use a lot of different CBD products for anxiety & pain (CBD only vapes, lotions, droplets, etc) but I’ve been considering buying a THC & CBD vape to use at night to help sleep as well.

I was recommended a few Indica ones and looking to buy one soon.

Only thing is I’ve never used any THC products before so I don’t really know what to expect. Does anyone have any advice for me? Like I said I really only want it to use for sleep at night.

Any advice & if anyone else has used THC for sleep before I’d love to know ur experience and what to expect. Thanks!

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