What's the best cycle for indoor growing

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Recently i've been running a new experiment to see the growth results for my new seeds in three different pots with various different light dark cycles while keeping the moisture and nutrients the same. one of them is on a 12-12 hour cycle with daylight and nighttime in a cardboard cover for darkness. the others one have a 15-9 hour cycle of light and dark, and the last one im leaving in a growth chamber with strobe lights after night fall for around an extra 6 hours before going to bed so its an 18- 6 hour cycle. Should i try the inverse as well as o a lot the plants growth and energy consumption takes place at night so whats the take on it or should i let it run and see the results after a few weeks.
For indoor grow rooms, plants should be kept on an 18-hour daylight cycle with a 6-hour night period. You can keep your plants on a 24-hour light cycle but plants tend to do better when given breaks and it will save you some money.

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