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Hiya! I thought I'd make a quick little thread where people can introduce themselves, tell us a bit about themselves and we can get to know each other a little bit. 
I'll start off by sharing my name and a little bit about myself.

Hi! My name is TastyChicken, I love Marijuana although recently I have made an effort which is working to cut down on the amount of weed I smoke. Already it's completely changed my tolerance and the last joint I had, had me experiencing a high I haven't had for at least a good year. So it's working well so far, it's really nice to be able to get really baked again and from so little weed! Although edibles still have no affect on me - Sad face...  Sad
Also a bit more about me is recently I started learning how to program and boy is it complicated! But I'm enjoying it so far. There is something called a "game jam" and I am trying to learn how to make a text based adventure game before the game jam's end date so I can enter my game into the jam and maybe win! 
My Text Based Adventure game is about a magical kingdom of hobo's who's King is a dog. Their Kingdom the Subway Kingdom has recently suffered some sort of disaster (Still coming up with ideas) so at the start of the game the Kingdom falls and you and your "Dog King" escape. Currently I'm pretty sure the game will mainly be a text based adventure where you guard your King, try to survive and maybe even rebuild the Kingdom.
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Welcome to SparkItUp! I wish I can get hella high off one bowl before but my tolerance it to high so I need to take a t break lol. I do some developing myself I work with Python using the Django web framework but it’s been awhile since I coded because of medical reason with my eyes but might get back into it soon. I have also made a few plugins for MyBB which this forum is using. You can check out my personal site if you want to here. Anyway I hope you enjoy your stay here let me know if you need anything.
Welcome to the forums!
Thank you for the kind welcome and oh wooow! Yeah with the virus and all that hitting I thought it might be a good time to pick up a new skill. Unity are offering many of their "premium learning" content free for three months because of the virus so I thought now is the best time to start learning! Would be pretty cool if I can eventually get to a point where I can make simple games for phones, I mean lets be honest the competition for phone games isn't that high xD Well there are a lot of people doing it but not everything is quality. Just seems like constant re-skins of other apps / games we've had since the app store came out.

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