Hello Everyone!

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Hello everyone! How are you guys today? I just wanted to introduce myself here is some info about me.

My name is Brian and I was born in New Jersey but moved out to Colorado sometime when I was a baby but at the time of making this thread im 19 years old and I been smoking weed since I was 13 years old. I used to do a lot of stupid/fun shit with my friends around that age and have some funny stories from those times maybe I'll share a few sometime but I always loved weed it's a plant gifted from the gods that has helped many people and is also a great way to just chill out after a stressful day of work or whatever. I decided to start this forum up to allow other marijuana users to signup and share their thoughts, make friends, help others, chill out, etc. Looking forward to see you all around the forums!
Happy yo know your intro!
I had no idea a forum like this existed, there's a huge amount of content and knowledge about marijuana which people are enthusiastic to contribute which is fantastic!
Looking forward to exploring more!
Y'all have an amazing day!
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Oh wow you've been smoking for a long time. I loooove weed but 13 is a bit too young to be starting hehe!

Have you ever had a tolerance break? Recently I couldn't smoke for a week or two and when I had my first joint the other day OH MY! I haven't had a high like that for yeaaaaaars. After smoking every day for years you forget what it's like to be that high!

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