Hey anyone know a good place online for some seeds

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let me just start by saying growing your own cannabis is always a more controlled and a better personal experience. Time-consuming but well worth it. Last year got into growing my own and just last week after coming back from a 2-week trip came back to a horrifying scene of my precious strain dying and wilting due to not getting enough water even though i asked a bud of mine to look after it. Frustrating is all i'm gonna say. The last plant i grew and harvested was given as gift from my business partner and since we left on bad terms a few months back i'm gonna ask where he got its seeds from so can you guys help me out to get some good high CBD strain seeds that require some good care but nothing too extra to look after.
Well I only have experience with two of the more mainstream websites and have had a good experience so really didn't need to move into more niche sites. The ones i recommend are the vault and seedsman and overall i feel confident recommending them. There's also Oaseeds I'm currently looking into as a friend of mine recommended it for a different experience. and wow do they have a lot of companies and strains to choose from. Will update how that goes.
I never go the online route myself but maybe check out a local dispensary if it’s legal where you at. I only have one dispensary around me that sells seeds and their almost always out of stock. Good luck my guy.
It probably depends on where you live. Try going to Google and searching "buy marijuana seeds online" and taking a look at the results. I believe it's possible but like @Ace- im not big into ordering that stuff on the web.
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