My first game / gamejam!

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Heya short little thread, just wanted to share my latest achievement! Recently I've embarked on a mighty quest to learn how to program, I entered my first "Game Jam" a competition where you have a certain amount of time or days or weeks to complete a game in the theme of the game jam. As I'm super noob I entered a "text based" game jam, So far only one other person has managed to complete and submit a game so I don't have that much competition!  Big Grin

But I've totally won, fingers crossed at least. So not super impressive seeing as most of the people it seems didn't manage to complete their games in time but still my first game jam entered and I'm likely to win! Feels good.
This is the game jam. 
Under submissions my game is "Terminal Hacker Guardian"
Honestly it's not the funnest game in the world or that's what I was thinking but it works! It's super simple you have to unscramble words to "hack" through servers and find clues so you can uncover the vault gate's password, close the gate and return to safety. 

I wanted to create "Hobo Quest, The Last Guardian" a text based adventure game but I wouldn't of been able to create it in time I'm still learning, although fast! But that might be a project I'm able to start next week. Although I might save that project for a 2D RPG instead. If anyone finds this interesting I might discuss my "Hobo Quest" idea a little more and see if I can get some feedback from you guys and extra ideas, story wise I really liked the idea and theme I came up with.
If I got time later I will definitely give it ago and let you know what I think but everyone needs to start someone even if it’s something basic. Keep pushing yourself and keep creating new things that’s a great way to improve also maybe if you want you can probably share the code on sites likes GitHub if you want to open source your projects. Of course that’s all up to the developer. I open sourced most of my projects that can be found here. I want to get back into Django but hard to do anything that involves looking at screens for long periods of time due to my eye problems.
Oooo thank you I'll have a look at GitHub I hear many good things about it. I was hoping to eventually play around with this open source space game I heard about too when I build a few more skills and know how to open it all up and play around with some of it's assets and code.
And a warning the game is not fun XD Very limited with the type of game it is but it all works! That's the main thing right now just making stuff work.

And that sucks can you still code in short bursts? Maybe several short bursts over a longer period instead of one giant long coding session.

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