Can I buy weed with suspended license?

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Can I still get weed with a suspended license?

Long story short, my driver's license got suspended. I'm wondering if I could still go to the dispensary to get weed. There's a very close dispensary to where I could walk to. Will my driver's license still be valid for ID? I don't have another form of id. They scan the id so I don't know if that will show up that it's suspended.
Where are you located? It most likely depends on the laws because where I live I don’t have a driver license just a state ID and it works just fine but it can not be expired. Most places that request for any for of ID the ID must be valid so it can’t be expired. Even if it’s real they still can’t accept it. Best of luck
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Big nope. Like @Ace- said any store asking for ID it must be valid so not expired.
I wouldn’t try it unless your a regular at a dispensary then maybe. Strict laws when it comes to ID’ing at a dispensary just so you know.

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