Bomb Blast of Coronavirus

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World Health Organization (WHO) a UNO’s well knowing organization has concealed the updated global hazard evaluation in a cross-reference.

Most died or affected people of China are in the central city of Wuhan, and is now spreading all over the country. Other than China, some new cases of this virus appear in Japan, Germany, Iran and many other countries as disease surpasses 5,500. These countries are so afraid of the rapid dispersal virus in their countries. In short, persecution spread worldwide and everyone wants to know how to protect from this disease.
Entire publicity and chicken with it's head cut off panic. Only 500 approximately people have died from this worldwide so far.
An expected 10,000 may die in the U.S. from other strains of flu viruses in 2020.
The panic shoots from the reality that it is a new strain. At the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, they already have made a vaccine for the Coronavirus. Now they are human testing it and it might be available in the market within 3 to 6 months.
Now everyone takes a deep breath....and relax.
Supermarkets are making bank right now! I come from the UK and people are buying stores out of stock every single day it's mental the panic.
(03-19-2020, 07:24 PM)Tastychicken Wrote: Supermarkets are making bank right now! I come from the UK and people are buying stores out of stock every single day it's mental the panic.
I don't know if it's mental... I know some people that have died and it is very bad where I live in the U.S. Hospitals can't fit people and don't have the supplies they need. It's more serious than you think. Some people that I know that have it can't get out of bed.
What I mean by mental and panic is buying superstores out of stock isn't the way to go! The UK is just starting to go into "lockdown" now so I'm thinking of all the people who've been struggling to get the food and supplies they need because of the other people who are over buying because of pure panic. Sure things are scary right now but we need to think about everyone and not let the panic get to us. EVERYONE needs toilet paper but you (Not you specifically) don't need 50 packs of toilet paper to yourself.

In terms of supplies that will go out of stock as you said up there ^^^ It's the hospital supplies, medical supplies that're going to be stretched thin and fast. As long as people stop buying more than they need in terms of food supplies there should be enough to go around for everyone without enforcing restrictions like rations. Which will happen if people don't limit what they buy to a normal amount.
Will the Coronavirus Pandemic Ever End? Seems to be COVID-19 is no longer a serious emergency, there may still be sporadic spikes in the future due to public fatigue and the advent of highly transmissible variations.

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