Cannabis Butter or Coconut Oil which is the best

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I prefer to use coco oil because it creates less waste, and it is ultimately vegan and veggie friendly.

I use weight to measure my coco oil because it is more accurate than using cups and other methods.

When butter is cooked, milk solids and fats begin to separate. Over time, you lose a lot, which makes measuring your butter later much more challenging.

Oil absorbs more quickly with the addition of a little soy lecithin. Some claim that you may use marijuana virtually g for g, however I use 100g of marijuana every 1000g of cocoa oil. nearly two bricks' worth. 

[Image: a27d24_4697d440a09646018684a82710b1c67e~mv2.jpg]
Is this really the butter you'd use for edibles flavored with cannabis? Do you even have any idea how powerful or weak the batch of edibles will be? Have any dummies been produced at home? I'm curious how the flavor and taste any good.
I think it's used for home-cooked edibles, but I guess they can compete with the appealing dummies that are advertised as having amazing tastes. And how does the price stack up?

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