Avoid these common mistakes while cooking cannabis edibles

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No doubt Marijuana has a magical impact on our health in this century.
When it comes to cannabis and cooking, there’s always more to learn.

I want to share some tips to avoid some common mistakes while cooking cannabis edibles.

For years, many guys prepared homemade cannabis edibles with the same process, blind to the small mistakes I was making along the way.

Mistake No.1:- Spending too much cash on a blossom for cannabis edibles
Best Solution: A little investment can go a long way

Mistake No.2:- Heating and decarbing at the incorrect temperatures
Best Solution: You must aware how long and how to heat your cannabis and cannabutter

Mistake No.3:- Putting ground cannabis directly in the slow cooker
Best Solution: Decarboxylate cannabis in the stove you first

Mistake No.4:- Grinding cannabis by electric grinder into powder
Best Solution: Use a hand grinder for a more crude grind

Mistake No.5:- Uneven distribution of power in an infused batch
Best Solution: Whip well.

Mistake No.6:- Cooking too little oil into your dish or way too much
Best Solution: Test the oil’s temperature before incorporating it into a dish

Mistake No.7:- Improperly straining the oil
Best Solution: Strain with cheesecloth and let importance do the work

Have a Nice Days!
Thanks for sharing these mistakes that can happen well cooking with marijuana. I myself don’t cook but im sure other users who do this will come in handy.
Wow great info thanks for posting this! I will be sure to keep this in mind next time i do some cooking.
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