This Piece Real or Fake?

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I picked up this bong a while back from a well respected glass shop but have always been curious if it’s actually real. Thoughts?

[Image: FBA68-FFE-C11-D-4-FFC-A503-670-A4-AF50-BB4.jpg]

[Image: 675887-F8-95-A8-4-D94-920-F-D2-B8-EA39-E35-F.jpg]

[Image: E003-E9-AB-F9-FC-48-F5-B5-A7-243492-D2428-A.jpg]
Define real? Lol. I would say it’s real from the looks but hard to say. Also looks like you need a down stem if you don’t have one already.
Looks real to me. How does it rip? Looks quite interesting.

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