New Alert System + Upcoming Feature

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Hello SparkItUp! I just wanted to discuss our new alert system and an upcoming feature.

Alert System Powered By MyAlerts
I am happy to say we got a new alert system! You now receive on-site notifications for a lot more things then just private messages. We hope this systems improves our user experience. More information below.

What Is MyAlerts?
MyAlerts is a plugin for MyBB created and maintained by Euan T.. It is a system that provides visual alerts for events in a forum on a user-by-user basis.

The currently supported events are:  
  • When you're quoted in a post 
  • When somebody replies to a thread you started 
  • When somebody @mention you in a thread or shoutbox.
  • When somebody likes a thread you started.
  • When somebody likes a reply you made.
  • When somebody adds you to their buddy list 
  • When somebody PMs you 
  • When somebody replies to a thread you are subscribed to 
  • When somebody votes in a public poll When somebody rates your thread 
  • When somebody changes your reputation

Change Alert Settings
Changing your alert settings can done via the User CP under "Alert Settings“.

Upcoming Feature
SparkItUp plans to introduce a followers system in the upcoming months. We think the old buddy list (which never gets used) needs a upgrade so we wanted to change that system into a following/unfollowing system which will be integrated into our new alerts system with a follow tracking system to keep track of your followers posts. Would this be something you guys are interested in?

Anyways thanks so reading this read. Have a good one.
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Thanks for taking your time to add new features to both of the websites. Great job! I also support the idea of a follow system I know I’ll use that.
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Awesome! Thanks for the new alert system the forum really needed it. Keep it up!
Great! Thanks for the hard work @Brian.

Edit: I like the idea of a follow system can’t wait to see it.
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